Media Masters

Media Masters - John Sweeney

November 23, 2015 BigFings Media
Media Masters
Media Masters - John Sweeney
Show Notes
Investigative journalist John Sweeney is known for what he calls his "explosive" documentaries at BBC Panorama. In this intimate interview, he says what it was like to be harassed by the Church of Scientology; explains how he challenged the evidence of Professor Roy Meadow to help free cot death mum Sally Clark and six others, and recounts the challenges of going undercover in war zones like Chechnya, Zimbabwe and North Korea.

0.55 - Covering the Paris attacks
10:55 - ISIS brainwashing and reporting the Syrian war
13:00 - Maintaining sanity in a warzone
23:38 - What motivates him as a journalist
25:05 - The Church of Scientology and his famous on-screen 'meltdown'
28:37 - Redundancy and BBC charter renewal
31:42 - "The best thing I have ever done..."